Message from the Director

This is a critical moment in the history of higher education in America. As the inheritors of the high ideals of American public universities, we at UT Austin have the obligation to find new ways to continue to provide exceptional and pragmatic educational experiences, all at an affordable cost. New teaching and learning technologies, combined with creative delivery methods, can help us achieve those goals. As a faculty member for the past 29 years in the Cockrell School of Engineering’s Department of Civil Engineering, I am delighted to be working with University faculty and staff at one of the oldest teaching and learning centers in the country. Let us explore together the ways that your teaching style, your subject matter, and your creativity can help power the kinds of transformations that become a model for flexible, quality, student-based public education in the 21st century.

About the Faculty Innovation Center

The FIC is the new model of what many have known as the Center for Teaching and Learning or as Learning Sciences. We are here to collaborate with instructors and academic units to create and enable transformative learning experiences. For the world of things you want your students to learn and experience, and all the ways you could teach them, we provide the insights, models, and resources to help you bring the best ideas to life. Through effective pedagogical practices; learning design; emerging technologies; digital tools; and data-driven assessment, evaluation, and learning analytics, we help you achieve your teaching goals so that you can help your students achieve their learning goals.

Our Mission

We catalyze transformative learning experiences in partnership with instructors and academic units.

Our Values

We are committed to being:

  • Learning-centered: we promote a pedagogical paradigm where student learning is the focus of every tool and technique.
  • Evidence-based: we prioritize data-informed decisions and recommendations.
  • Action-oriented: we produce results.
  • Reflection-driven: we pursue purposeful and mindful engagement through all stages of our work.
  • Network-powered: we prize working collaboratively with the instructional community.

Our Strategies

  1. Advance the design and delivery of high quality learning experiences in collaboration with instructors and academic units.
  2. Facilitate the discovery, dissemination, and application of new knowledge about teaching and learning.
  3. Serve as the hub for information, ideas, and interdisciplinary partnerships among innovative faculty and administrative units.
  4. Partner with Project 2021 research team to conduct systematic assessment and data analysis that informs institutional, instructional, and student decision-making.
  5. Work with leaders around the world to bring best practices in teaching and learning to the University and to extend the impact of UT Austin educational innovations.
  6. Foster a creative and supportive workplace culture with which our colleagues are excited to engage.