Anita Vangelisti

Anita Vangelisti

Department Communication Studies
Senior Fellow

Teaching students how to process and evaluate the onslaught of messages—written texts, electronic communications, and face-to-face interactions—they receive everyday is one of the most critical issues that the PTFs can address.

What was an influential learning experience that you had as an undergraduate?

What are you passionate about?

My passions encompass helping both students and faculty understand the centrality of research to teaching. Research not only generates the material we teach, it also is a vehicle for teaching and learning. Research is what we do when we ask questions and seek answers to those questions. That is what education is all about.

What is a teaching strategy that you've learned from another Fellow?

The PTFs are an incredible resource. The most important strategy I've learned since becoming a PTF is simply to ask for advice; the Fellows always are willing to step forward, share their ideas, and work to generate new ideas.