CIS shares results with the UT Austin campus through two sites, MyCIS and the CIS Results site. They each serve a slightly different purpose, so in order to get everything you need, you may find that you will use both of them.


The MyCIS page provides results for individual instructors from Fall 2005 to the present. Staff with authorization can search by instructor’s EID, and retrieve results including supplemental questions and comments without running into a daily viewing limit. Instructors are encouraged to use this page as a one stop shop to verify that their CIS requests are correct, view provisional results, and access past semester’s results. MyCIS can be accessed

CIS Results Site

The results site can also be used to retrieve the core nine items for an individual. However, the user must have a valid UTEID to access the site. This is also the place to go if you need aggregate survey summaries by university, college/school, or department. Authorized users can also use this site to generate the Dean/Chair report or print hard copies of the department’s results. The results site can be accessed

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