Classroom Response Systems

A classroom response system (often referred to as “clickers”) is technology that enables faculty to ask questions, gather students' responses, and display them in real-time during class. It allows instructors to know immediately whether students are understanding the concepts being covered. Students are also able to receive immediate feedback for the responses they submit.


Classroom response systems come in two varieties: those with a physical student remote or clicker and those that are web or app based and utilize a mobile device as the response mechanism.

Currently on UT campus, iClicker is the preferred classroom response system with a physical clicker. To learn more about iClicker, go to our iClicker Resource Center.

There are a myriad of mobile-based products used by faculty at UT.


A classroom response system has the potential to engage students in active learning, promote student-to-student discussion, uncover misconceptions, provide positive and immediate feedback, and encourage critical thinking. Research shows that student engagement enabled by response systems contributes to higher-order thinking.

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